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The Great War

From Memory to History

Edited by Alicia Robinet, Jonathan F. Vance, Kellen Kurschinski, Matt Symes, and Steve Marti
Subjects History, Military History
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Paperback : 9781771120500, 438 pages, October 2015
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781771120524, 438 pages, October 2015
Ebook (PDF) : 9781771120517, 438 pages, October 2015

Table of contents

Table of Contents for The Great War: From Memory to History, edited by Kellen Kurschinski, Steve Marti, Alicia Robinet, Matt Symes, and Jonathan F. Vance
Section One - Memory and Making Narratives
Canon Fodder - The Canadian Canon and the Erasure of Great War Narratives | Zachary Abram
Too Close to History - Major Charles G.D. Roberts, the Canada in Flanders Series, and the Writing of Wartime Documentary | Thomas Hodd
State War Histories - "An Atom of Interest in an Ocean of Apathy" | Kimberly J. Lamay
The Great War in Detective Fiction | Marzena Sokolowska-Paryz
"Backstabbing Arabs" and "Shirking Kurds" - History, Nationalism, and Turkish Memory of the First World War | Veysel Simsek
Men of Suvla - Empire, Masculinities, and Gallipoli's Legacy in Ireland and Newfoundland | Jane McGaughey
History Trumps Memory - The Strange Case of Sir Richard Turner | William F. Stewart
Section Two - Rediscovering and Rewriting Memory
The Names of the Dead - "Shot at Dawn" and the Politics of Remembrance | Bette London
Loyal and Submission - Contested Discourses on Aboriginal War Service, 1914-1939 | Brian MacDowall
"Kitchener's Tourists" - Voices from Great War Hospital Ships | Carol Acton
The Forgotten Few - Quebec and the Memory of the First World War | Geoff Keelan
"Loyal until Death" - Memories of African Great War Service for Germany | Dan Bullard
The Enemy at Home - Defining Enemy Aliens in Ontario during the Great War | Mary Chaktsiris
Section Three - Seeing and Feeling Memory
The Battles of the Coronel and Falkland Islands (1927) and the Struggle for the Cinematic Image of the Great War | Mark Connelly
"Can One Grow Used to Death?" - Deathbed Scenes in Great War Nurses' Narratives | Alice Kelly
Kitsch, Commemoration, and Mourning in the Aftermath of the Great War | Mark A.R. Facknitz
"Ask Him if He'll Drink a Toast to the Dead" - The Cinematic Flyer-Hero and British Memories of the Great War in the Air, 1927-39 | Robert Morley
Otto Dix and the Great War - Reality, Memory, and the Construction of Identity in The Trench (1923) and the Portfolio The War (1924) | Michèlle Wijegoonaratna
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The Great War: From Memory to History offers a new look at the multiple ways the Great War has been remembered and commemorated through the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. Drawing on contributions from history, cultural studies, film, and literary studies this collection offers fresh perspectives on the Great War and its legacy at the local, national, and international levels. More importantly, it showcases exciting new research on the experiences and memories of “forgotten” participants who have often been ignored in dominant narratives or national histories.
Contributors to this international study highlight the transnational character of memory-making in the Great War’s aftermath. No single memory of the war has prevailed, but many symbols, rituals, and expressions of memory connect seemingly disparate communities and wartime experiences. With groundbreaking new research on the role of Aboriginal peoples, ethnic minorities, women, artists, historians, and writers in shaping these expressions of memory, this book will be of great interest to readers from a variety of national and academic backgrounds.


[These essays] are valuable studies of the memory and history of the First World War.

- Alex Nordlund, H-War, 2016 October 1