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Vulcans, Earthlings and Marketing ROI

Getting Finance, Marketing and Advertising onto the Same Planet

By David Rutherford & Jonathan Knowles
Subjects Business & Economics
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Paperback : 9781554580316, 174 pages, December 2007

Table of contents

Table of Contents for
Vulcans, Earthlings and Marketing ROI: Getting Finance, Marketing and Advertising onto the Same Planet by David Rutherford and Jonathan Knowles

Foreword from the ICA



Part 1. Finding Common Ground

1. 1 Accountability and ROI

1. 2 A Trilingual Story

1. 3 No Simple Answer

1. 4 What Business Are You In?

1. 5 Words, Words, Words

1. 6 The Two Meanings of Value

1. 7 Vulcans and Earthlings

1. 8 Agreeing What Brands Are

1. 9 Agreeing That Brands Are Valuable

1. 10 Brand Equity—Marketing and Advertising Version

1. 11 Brand Equity—Finance Version

1. 12 The Idea of Utility—Removing Some Myths

1. 13 The Idea of Intangible Assets

1. 14 Profit, Growth and Risk

Part 2. Winning Hearts and Minds

2. 1 What Would Emerson Say?

2. 2 The Marketing Mindset

2. 3 The Brand Mindset

2. 4 Short- and Long-Term Roles

2. 5 Choosing amongst the Possibilities

2. 6 Advertising as Investment

2. 7 Advertising’s Impact on Profitability

2. 8 Advertising’s Long-Term Effect

2. 9 The Long Term, from Another Perspective

2. 10 The Erosive Effect of Not Advertising

2. 11 The Value of Marketing

Part 3. Creating a Shared Accountability Culture

3. 1 The Need for Teamwork—Led from the Top

3. 2 Measurability

3. 3 The “Now and Later” Mindset

3. 4 Defining the Causal Model

3. 5 The Sales Funnel Model

3. 6 The Brand Value Chain Model

3. 7 What to Measure

3. 8 Drilling Down

3. 9 Measuring Brand Equity

3. 10 Brand Valuation—When to Do It

3. 11 Brand Valuation—How to Do It

3. 12 Scorecards and Dashboards

3. 13 The Unisys Example

3. 14 Drawing the Strands Together

3. 15 A Final Word

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Co-published with the Institute of Communication Agencies

Every few years, business is galvanized by a new concept. Accountability is the latest idea in the spotlight. It’s a huge topic, and in the broadest sense embraces ethics, corporate governance, and all the issues spawned by the recent spate of business scandals. Vulcans, Earthlings and Marketing ROI deals with a more pragmatic aspect: the accountability behind the question “Are our investments in marketing and advertising sensible and successful, short and long term, from a business point of view?”

In Part 1 the authors establish that finance, marketing, and advertising share common ground in the value of brands. Part 2 reviews the evidence for the business impact of marketing and advertising, summarizing key research and practical experience. Part 3 outlines what it takes to build an accountability culture and profiles some techniques that are useful for framing and measuring the business impact of marketing and advertising investment. The book is intended for anyone with an interest in accountability as it applies to short- and long-term marketing effort.


``A book for thought leaders. Marketer-friendly and Finance-credible (a very rare combination) with significant managerial implications for marketing, customer value and shareholder value. The logic is strong and compelling. And the writing is a breath of fresh air. ''

- Richard Ettenson, Professor of Global Marketing, Thunderbird School of Global Management

``This is a refreshing, often witty, and bang up-to-date review of what could have been a very dull subject! It breaks the key issues into bite-sized chunks so that you can open this book at any page and learn something. The authors draw from a broad range of highly respected sources—and skillfully blend academic substance with good marketing common sense. ''

- Leslie Butterfield, founder of BDDH, a leading UK advertising agency; author/editorof AdValue and Excellence in Advertising

``Superb! A must read for anyone who aspires to be a great marketer and every CEO who wants to be truly successful. The book illustrates how brand building investment can drive both short-term results and superior long-term shareholder returns. ''

- Stephen Graham, EVP Corporate Marketing and Convergence Officer, Rogers Communication (#1-ranked global marketer by Advertising Age)