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Silent, Unquestionable Act of Love

By (artist) Leanna Marshall
Contributions by Susan Neylan & Vera Wabegijig
Foreword by Suzanne Luke
Subjects Art, Indigenous Studies
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Paperback : 9780994036124, 28 pages, September 2019


Zaagi'idiwin: Silent, Unquestionable Act of Love, creates an intersection where viewers meet to understand and explore the essence of relationships, the meaning of connection/disconnection, and the pain of loss. Through the making and documentation of jingle dresses, Marshall explores the deeply personal stories that have shaped her perception of the complexities of her family history in the context of Canadian history. The social inequities, resistance, and sorrow communicated in this body of work serve as a springboard to examine the act of compassion and forgiveness, which ultimately helps to move forward to a new and more affirmative place of being.