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Ecologies in Practice

What is the responsibility, or the task of the arts as we face environmental crisis?
Ecologies in Practice is an edited collection of dynamic and multi-formatted contributions that explore the ways in ...

Detachable Penis

By Sam Elkin
Categories: Social Science

In Detachable Penis: A Queer Legal Saga, Elkin relates his bumpy journey from lesbian to transgender lawyer in the aftermath of the 2017 Australian marriage equality postal survey, which resulted in an ...

Quiet Rebels

By Mary Jane Mossman
Categories: History

“It’s a girl!” the Ontario press announced, as Canada’s first woman lawyer was called to the Ontario bar in February 1897. Quiet Rebels explores experiences of exclusion among the few women lawyers for t ...

Reclamation and Resurgence

To describe the writing of Marilyn Dumont is to call her a poet of reclamation and resurgence. Some thirty-five years ago she set about documenting her life as a young Métis woman and telling the story ...

On Comics and Grief

Fragmented and hybrid in style, On Comics and Grief examines a year in comic book publishing and the author’s grief surrounding his mother’s death. This book connects grief, memory, nostalgia, personal his ...

Toronto Living With AIDS

Edited by Ryan Conrad

This publication investigates an extraordinary moment in the histories of both activist media and AIDS activism: the creation of a community-driven video series about HIV/AIDS for public-access cable ...

Tours Inside the Snow Globe

The toppling of monuments globally in the last few years has highlighted the potency of monuments as dynamic and affectively loaded participants in society. In the context of Ottawa, Canada’s capital c ...

Rivers in Rock

This richly illustrated book is both a visitor’s guide to one of southwestern Ontario’s most striking landforms – the Elora Gorge on the Upper Grand River – and a thorough, accessible introduction to its nat ...

Foundations of Modern Harmony

By Karel Janeček
Translated by Jana Skarecky
Edited by Anne Carothers Hall
Categories: Music

Translated into English for the first time, Foundations of Modern Harmony, by composer and music theorist Karel Janec̆ek, addresses the analysis and composition of music not based on the tonal harmony ...

The Contemporary Leonard Cohen

Edited by Kait Pinder & Joel Deshaye
Categories: Music

The Contemporary Leonard Cohen is an exciting new study that offers an original explanation of Leonard Cohen’s staying power and his various positions in music, literature, and art.
The death of Leonard ...