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Crossing Lines

Transcultural/Transnational Comics Studies

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Crossing Lines focuses on interdisciplinarity, multiculturalism, and globalism research in comics and graphic narrative studies. Crossing Lines includes groundbreaking books that recalibrate and re-envision the disciplines of gender and feminist studies, art history and visual studies, and postcolonial and diaspora studies within a twenty-first-century scholarly framework of comics studies. Spanning national and regional boundaries as well as ethnic and linguistic comics traditions, Crossing Lines fosters and promotes comparative research and directs attention to understudied regions, diasporas, art historical trends, digital and new media platforms, and literary/theoretical trends. Crossing Lines encourages innovations in methodologies and new approaches to comics studies that expand the horizons of academic writing.

Series Editors

Barbara Postema
Department of English Language and Literature
University of Groningen, Netherlands

Candida Rifkind
Department of English
University of Winnipeg, Canada

Nhora Lucía Serrano
Library & Information Technology Services
Hamilton College, United States

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On Comics and Grief

Fragmented and hybrid in style, On Comics and Grief examines a year in comic book publishing and the author’s grief surrounding his mother’s death. This book connects grief, memory, nostalgia, personal ...