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David A. Kielstra

Alain Gaudet grew up in various communities between Ottawa and Montreal, and after high school, in 1968, joined the Canadian military. After his regular and combat training he became a member of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, which gave him the opportunity to travel, both within Canada and internationally. Since leaving the military in 1976, Alain Gaudet has had a varied career. He lives in France.

In his M.A. research project, entitled “NATO’s Thorn, Canada’s Opportunity: Canadian Cold War Diplomacy and Peacekeeping in Cyprus, 1964-1974,” David Kielstra explored Canada’s domestic and military response to the 1974 Cyprus crisis. He is a researcher and writer for Project Ploughshares and the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies and has published in the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies.

Books By David A. Kielstra