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Welcome to the WLU Press Blog!

By Lisa Quinn Date: November 02, 2017 Tags: Blog

Welcome, Bienvenue, and Boozhoo! We’ve been revamping our web presence over the course of 2017, and are delighted to be relaunching the WLUP blog. As the Director of the Press, I’m looking forward to sharing news of upcoming books, projects, and events we’re excited about, new initiatives at the Press, and the activities of the team of passionate, engaged professionals at WLUP I have the great privilege of working with.

We’re gearing up for University Press Week here in the WLUP office, to be celebrated November 6-10 this year by the members of the Association of American University Presses. In an age of information hyperabundance and uncertainty, valuing expertise and verified sources is vitally important. We’ll be participating in the UP Week blog tour, featuring a guest post from Daniel Heath Justice, author of the forthcoming Why Indigenous Literatures Matterpart of our Indigenous Studies series. Find UP Week on Twitter with the hashtags #ReadUp, #LookItUp, and #KnowledgeMatters.


The fall season is upon us, which for publishers means pitching our next list to our teams of sales representatives. We’ve released our Spring-Summer 2018 metadata on our website and through a range of wholesalers and retailers, and have just wrapped production on the WLUP seasonal catalogue, now uploaded in glorious technicolour.

We are also announcing two projects getting underway at the Press. We have been granted funds from the Ontario Media Development Corporation to produce supplemental teaching materials for our Indigenous literature anthology Read, Listen, Tell: Indigenous Stories from Turtle Island. These materials will primarily be targeted for the Ontario secondary curriculum, but will no doubt prove useful for any instructor in introductory or survey courses using the book. Our target for release is July 2018. Want to know more about teaching with Read, Listen, Tell right now? Drop our Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Clare Hitchens, a line and we’ll be happy to talk to you.

The second is initiative is a collaboration with Hannah McGregor of the Simon Fraser Publishing Program. Dr. McGregor, working with our senior editor Siobhan McMenemy, will be developing a scholarly podcast network. One of the goals of the project is to develop a model of peer review for alternative forms of scholarly communication. Deeply integrated into systems of scholarly review in the humanities and social sciences, university presses are a key partner in contributing to the development of flexible, transferable processes of evaluation of scholarly outputs as researchers engage increasingly with new forms of communication. This is an exciting time to be in scholarly publishing, and to have the opportunity to work with a range of media, from print to podcast, in support of our mission to disseminate the highest quality scholarship far and wide.

More to come in the following months as all these new ventures and titles take shape!