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Marc P. Lalonde

Marc Lalonde completed his PhD under the direction of Charles Davis and is currently engaged in post-doctoral study of the French-Jewish philosopher Emmanual Levinas at Catholic University in Belgium. ...

David Damas

David Damas is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at McMaster University. He is a premier scholar of the Arctic and a leading authority on Innuit social structure. His major publications include Igluligmiut ...

Morny Joy

Morny Joy is Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies, University of Calgary. She has published many articles on women and religion, feminist theory and contemporary continental philosophy. ...

Rick Searle

Rick Searle is a science writer and teaches Geography at the University of Victoria.

Eva K. Neumaier-Dargyay

Eva Neumair-Dargyay is Professor and Acting Chair of Comparative Studies in Literature, Film and Religion at the University of Alberta. She has published four single-authored books and one co-authored ...

Gordon W. Morrell

Gordon W. Morrell completed his doctorate at Michigan State University in 1990 and has since taught at Denison University, the University of Waterloo, Nipissing University and the University of British ...