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Animal Subjects 2.0

Edited by Jodey Castricano & Lauren Corman
Subjects Philosophy, Ethics
Series Environmental Humanities Hide Details
Paperback : 9781771122108, 542 pages, December 2016
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781771122122, 542 pages, December 2016
Ebook (PDF) : 9781771122115, 542 pages, December 2016

Table of contents

1 Might Makes Right: The Origins of Ethics and the Use of Animals for Human Ends / Rod Preece
2 Critical Animals Studies and the Property Debate in Animal Law / Maneesha Deckha
3 “Popular Affection”: Edwin Landseer and Nineteenth-Century Animal Advocacy Campaigns / J. Keri Cronin
4 “The Animal,” Systems, and Structures: An Ecofeminist–Posthumanist Enquiry / Rhys Mahannah
5 Animal Narrativity: Engaging with Story in a More-Than-Human World / Joshua Russell
6 Canine Cartography: On the Curious and Queer Pleasures of Being a Dog / Peter Hobbs
7 Navigating Difference (Again): Animal Ethics and Entangled Empathy / Lori Gruen
8 All My Relations: Interview with Margaret Robinson / Lauren Corman
9 Rampant Compassion: A Tale of Two Anthropomorphisms and the “Trans-species Episteme” of Knowledge-Making / Jodey Castricano
10 The Limits of the “Human”: An Alternative Ethics of Dependence on Animals / Kelly Oliver
11 Vegans for Vick: Dogfighting, Intersectional Politics, and the Limits of Mainstream Discourse / Garrett M. Broad
12 Disability, Animals, and Earth Liberation: Eco-ability and Ableism in the Animal Advocacy Movement / Anthony J. Nocella II
13 On Being a Pragmatist: Reflections on Animals, Feminism, and Personal Politics / Lynda Birke
14 Campaigning with the Enemy: Understanding Opportunity Fields and the Tactic of Corporate Incorporation / Carol L. Glasser
15 Nose-to-Tail Eating: A Prematurely Post-Factory-Farm Biopolitics / Jessica Carey
16 The New Carnivores / John Sorenson and Atsuko Matsuoka
17 Rats! Being Social Requires Empathy / Leesa Fawcett
18 The Ventriloquist’s Burden : Animal Advocacy and the Problem of Speaking for Others / Lauren Corman
About the Contributors


Animal Subjects: An Ethical Reader in a Posthuman World (WLU Press, 2008) challenged cultural studies to include nonhuman animals within its purview. While the “question of the animal” ricochets across the academy and reverberates within the public sphere, Animal Subjects 2.0 builds on the previous book and takes stock of this explosive turn. It focuses on both critical animal studies and posthumanism, two intertwining conversations that ask us to reconsider common sense understandings of other animals and what it means to be human.
This collection demonstrates that many pressing contemporary social problems—how and why the oppression and exploitation of our species persist—are entangled with our treatment of other animals and the environment. Decades into the interrogation of our ethical and political responsibilities toward other animals, fissures within the academy deepen as the interest in animal ethics and politics proliferates.
Although ideological fault lines have inspired important debates about how to address the very material concerns informing these theoretical discussions, Animal Subjects 2.0 brings together divergent voices to suggest how to foster richer human–animal relations, and to cultivate new ways of thinking and being with the rest of animalkind. This collection demonstrates that appreciation of difference, not just similarity, is necessary for a more inclusive and compassionate world. Linking issues of gender, disability, culture, race, and sexuality into species, Animal Subjects 2.0 maps vibrant developments in the emergent fields of critical animal studies and posthumanist thought.