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Found in Alberta

Environmental Themes for the Anthropocene

Edited by Mario Trono & Robert Boschman
Subjects Environmental Studies, Literary Criticism, Canadian Literature, Cultural Studies
Series Environmental Humanities Hide Details
Paperback : 9781554589593, 398 pages, October 2014
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781554589753, 398 pages, October 2014

Table of contents

Table of Contents for Found in Alberta: Environmental Themes for the Anthropocene, edited by Robert Boschman and Mario Trono
List of Maps, Figures, and Tables
Foreword | Maude Barlow
Introduction: Alberta and the Anthropocene | Mario Trono and Robert Boschman
I: Found in Alberta
1. Re-engineering the Contours of Civilization: Alberta Land Trusts and the Neoliberalization of Nature | Lorelei Hanson
2. Bum Steer: Adulterant E. coli and the Nature–Culture Dichotomy | Robert Boschman
3. "There Is No Such Place as Away": Reconciling the Abject in Ecology and Poetry | Harry Vandervlist
II: Bituminous Sands
4. Visualizing Alberta: Duelling Documentaries and Bituminous Sands | Geo Takach
5. Critical Literacy and Discursive Governance Control(s) in Canada's Oil/Tar Sands | Conny Davidsen
6. Are the Oil Sands Sublime? Edward Burtynsky and the Vicissitudes of the Sublime | T.R. Kover
7. From Railway to Pipeline: The Great Divide as Landscape and Rhetoric | Sean Atkins
III: Policy and Legal Perspectives
8. Fostering Environmental Citizenship | Mishka Lysack, Ben Thibault, and Greg Powell
9. Environmental Divide: The Nuclear Power Debate in Alberta and Saskatchewan | Duane Bratt
10. Do Corporations Have to Consider Sustainability? | Jeffrey Bone
IV: Wilderness
11. Defending the Wild: Time to Think beyond Legislated Wilderness | Shaun Fluker
12. Place, Desire, and Maps: Representing Wilderness at the Columbia Icefield | Benedict Fullalove
13. Radical Albertans? Hunting as the Subversion of Heroic Enlightenment | Nathan Kowalsky
V: Shared Horizons
14. Indigenous Environmental Ethics and the Limits of Cultural Evolutionary Thinking | Sam McKegney
15. Bioaesthetics and the American West | Curt Whitaker
16. Cultivating Longitudinal Knowledge: Alternate Stories for an Alternative Chronopolitics of Climate Change | Anita Girvan


Found in Alberta: Environmental Themes for the Anthropocene is a collection of essays about the natural environment in a province rich in natural resources and aggressive in development goals. This is a casebook on Alberta from which emerges a far wider set of implications for North America and for the biosphere in general. The writers come from an array of disciplinary backgrounds within the environmental humanities.
The essays examine the oil/tar sands, climate change, provincial government policy, food production, industry practices, legal frameworks, wilderness spaces, hunting, Indigenous perspectives, and nuclear power. Contributions from an ecocritical perspective provide insight into environmentally themed poetry, photography, and biography.
Since the actions of Alberta’s industries and government are currently at the heart of a global environmental debate, this collection is valuable to those wishing to understand the natural and commercial forces in play. The editors present an introductory argument that frames these interests inside a call for a rethinking of our assumptions about the natural world and our place within it.


One of the collection's most valuable elements ... is that it refuses to reduce Alberta's relationship with the Anthropocene to oil and gas extraction.... Collectively, Found in Alberta's essays ... offer an arguably more holistic overview that includes industrial and hunting food cultures, shifting concepts of wilderness, trans-Canadian narratives of nationhood, and the legal protection extended to certain economies, values, and aesthetics

- L. Camille Van Der Marel, The Goose