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Problems of Change in Urban Government

By John Woods, M.O. Dickerson, and S. Drabek
Subjects Political Science, Social Science, Urban Studies, Development Studies
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Paperback : 9780889200890, 258 pages, May 1980


In 1911 one of every three Canadians lived in urban areas; today three out of four do. This growth has raised serious issues in urban government: How should power and authority be distributed among differing, often competing, urban interests? How can municipal governments obtain the funds they need to satisfy the increased demand for community and social services? How much should citizens participate? At a conference held in Banff on alternate forms of urban government, academics and practitioners considered these, and other pressing urban problems. Problems of change in urban government, presents the results of the conference, along with other, related essays. The contributors are Lloyd Axworthy, Meyer Brownstone, Stephen Clarkson, J.A. Johnson, James Lorimer, Allan O’Brien, T.J. Plunkett, Louise Quesnel-Ouellet, Paul Tennant, and the volume editors.