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Humanities in the Present Day

Edited by Harold Coward & John Woods
Subjects Education
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Paperback : 9781554586219, 118 pages, February 1980

Table of contents

Table of Contents for Humanities in the Present Day, edited by J. Woods and Harold Coward
The Relevance and Importance of the Humanities in the Present Day | Robertson Davies
Reflections on a Liberal Undergraduate Education: Out of the Vortex of Slush and Nonsense | John Woods and Harold G. Coward
On the Philosophy of Graduate Education: Observations and Recommendations | Gregory Vlastos
Research in the Humanities | George Grant
The Humanistic Context of Scientific Ideas | F.E.L. Priestley
The Function of Literature in Contemporary Society | Marie-Claire Blais
In Defence of Literature | Hans Eichner
The Flexible Mind | Malcolm F. McGregor


This collection of addresses presented at the Official Inauguration of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Calgary, in February 1978, is edited by the Dean and the Associate Dean of the Faculty. As well as the essays, the collection includes biographies and photographs of the contributors and a comprehensive index. Robertson Davies, in the inaugural address, discusses "The Relevance and Importance of the Humanities in the Present Day." Next, the editors discuss the concept of a "liberal undergraduate education," and Gregory Vlastos, the concept of graduate education. George Grant examines the role of research in the humanities. F.E.L. Priestley discusses the influence of humanistic concepts on scientific ideas from Bacon to Einstein. Marie-Claire Blais examines "The Function of Literature in Contemporary Society." Hans Eichner presents a "Defence of Literature" and discusses the role of a Faculty of Humanities. Finally, Malcolm F. McGregor speaks to the questions, "What are the humanities?" and "What is an education in the humanities."