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The Films of Jack Chambers

Edited by Kathryn Elder
Subjects Film & Media, Cultural Studies
Series Cinematheque Ontario Monographs Hide Details
Paperback : 9780968296943, 256 pages, November 2002


Essay contributors include Stan Brakhage, Fred Camper, Jack Chambers, R. Bruce Elder, Avis Lang, Sarah Milroy, Bart Testa, Peter Tscherkassky, Ross Woodman, and Michael Zyd.
Published by Cinematheque Ontario. Distributed in Canada by Wilfrid Laurier University Press. Distributed outside Canada by Indiana University Press.


There has never been a book, until now, that encompasses the range and significance of Jack Chambers' career as an artist in both painting and film. Kathryn Elder has put together a rich chorus of voices that collectively answers so many of the questions I've had since that life-changing night in 1978 when I saw The Hart of London for the first time....The Films of Jack Chambers beautifully balances detailed critical analysis, historical background and biographical context with revealing anecdotes and deeply felt personal responses to the work. The book culminates with several articles specifically focused on The Hart of London, and is a critical treasure chest for scholars, teachers and students of this magnificent, dense and elliptical work. The last chapter is a glass raised in harmony, a collective testimonial to Chamber's work by critics, poets, programmers and filmmakers including Steve Anker, Paul Arthur, Yann Beauvais, Greg Curnoe, Nina Fonoroff, Anne Michaels, Carolee Schneemann and Michael Snow. Augmented with a complete reference section by Kathryn Elder, The Films of Jack Chambers now becomes the standard text and guidebook for all future scholarship on the life and work of Jack Chambers.'', Phil Solomon, filmmaker and Associate Professor, Film Studies,University of Colorado at Boulder

- Phil Solomon, filmmaker and Associate Professor, Film Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder

Widely known and celebrated as a painter, Jack Chambers (1931-78) made little more than a handful of films before his life was tragically cut short, but those lovingly `amateur,' partly autobiographical films, including Circle and his masterpiece, The Hart of London, are among the milestones not only of the Canadian cinema but also the independent-minded cinema of the sixties and early seventies.

- Simon Field, Director, International Film Festival Rotterdam