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Cinematheque Ontario Monographs

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The Films of Jack Chambers

Essay contributors include Stan Brakhage, Fred Camper, Jack Chambers, R. Bruce Elder, Avis Lang, Sarah Milroy, Bart Testa, Peter Tscherkassky, Ross Woodman, and Michael Zyd.

Published by Cinematheque ...

Kon Ichikawa

Kon Ichikawa has long been internationally ac-knowledged as one of the most accomplished and prolific masters of Japanese cinema, in the exalted company of Akira Kurosawa, Kenji Mizoguchi, and Yasujiro ...

The Films of Joyce Wieland

A visionary who consistently explored new styles and approaches in her art and films, Joyce Wieland grappled with nationalism, feminism, environmentalism and spirituality. The Films of Joyce Wieland brings ...