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Whitehead and God - Prolegomena to Theological Reconstruction placeholder

Whitehead and God

Prolegomena to Theological Reconstruction

By Laurence F. Wilmot
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Ebook (PDF) : 9780889205536, 216 pages, January 2006

Table of contents

Table of Contents for Whitehead and God: Prolegomena to Theological Reconstruction, by Laurence F. Wilmot
Part 1: The Search for Categories of Interpretation
I. The Legacy of the Sixties
II. The Variety of Whitehead's Approaches to Reality: The Approach through Science
III. The Variety of Whitehead's Approaches to Reality: His Investigation of Religious Experience and Expression
IV. The Variety of Whitehead's Approaches to Reality: Philosophical Investigations and the Selection of a Cosmological Framework
V. Whitehead's Metaphysical System
VI. Analysis of the Concept of God in Process and Reality
VII. Some Appraisals of Whitehead's Cosmology
Part 2: Research and Discovery
VIII. The Need for a Fresh Appeal to the Philosophical, Historical and Theological Foundations
IX. Analysis of the Tradition
X. Problems in the Metaphysical Interpretation of the Tradition: The Fourth-Century Climate of Opinion and Whitehead
XI. The Formulation of the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity: Athanasius, the Nicaean Formula and Whitehead
XII. The Completion of Whitehead's Ideas in the Christian Understanding of God, and the Re-formulation of the Cosmological Framework as the Basis for a Reconstruction in Theology


This book is intended as a contribution towards the renewal of theological discourse in the final quarter of the twentieth century. It presents the findings from personal research into the development of the concept of God in the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, and the application of his conceptual tools in a re-examination of the writings of some fourth-century Christian theologians in their efforts to provide answers to the problems posed for the Church by Arianism. The research was prompted by Whitehead’s recommendations addressed to theologians in Adventures of Ideas.