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Connecting with Knowledge and Culture is Vital

Connecting with Knowledge and Culture is Vital

By Lisa Quinn Date: April 01, 2020 Tags: Blog

Books enable us to connect with worlds of ideas and, in turn, to one another, even as we must remain apart. Our mission as a publisher committed to representing diverse experiences and knowledges of both the past and present has never been more relevant.

As are all our university press colleagues, WLU Press staff are working hard from our home offices to support our authors and get books to all our readers during this time of social distancing. Print books are still available by order from many independent and online booksellers, and you can purchase any of our titles in ebook format from your favourite ebook vendor.

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Support for Students, Instructors, and Libraries

Physical distancing due to COVID-19 presents particular challenges to the scholarly community. Instructors and students have rapidly transitioned to online instruction, and libraries and bookstores have closed their physical locations. To support broad access to our digital content, WLU Press has opened terms of access for many of our titles through selected digital vendors to libraries. If your institution does not have access through these established partners, please contact us directly and we will facilitate access to WLU Press content, in either digital or print formats, wherever possible.

For digital access requests, contact
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Resources for Families Schooling at Home

Many of us have teens at home who will be finishing their school year remotely. In order to support their learning, we have reduced the ebook price of three of our Indigenous studies titles up to 70% for a limited time. A free educator’s guide for high school level is available for each of these titles, downloadable from our website.

Why Indigenous Literatures Matter

Why Indigenous Literatures Matter

Daniel Heath Justice $13.99 $4.99

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Part survey of the field of Indigenous literary studies, part cultural history, and part literary polemic, Why Indigenous Literatures Matter asserts the vital significance of literary expression to the political, creative, and intellectual efforts of Indigenous peoples today. Download Educator’s Guide here.

Read, Listen, Tell

Read, Listen, Tell: Indigenous Stories from Turtle Island

Sophie McCall, Deanna Reder, David Gaertner, and Gabrielle L'Hirondelle Hill, editors $27.99 $9.99

Get it on KindleKoboGoogle PlayApple BooksNook

Read, Listen, Tell brings together an extraordinary range of Indigenous stories from across Turtle Island (North America). From short fiction to as-told-to narratives, from illustrated stories to personal essays, these stories celebrate the strength of heritage and the liveliness of innovation. Ranging in tone from humorous to defiant to triumphant, the stories explore core concepts in Indigenous literary expression, such as the relations between land, language, and community, the variety of narrative forms, and the continuities between oral and written forms of expression. Download Educator’s Guide here.

Activating the Heart

Activating the Heart: Storytelling, Knowledge, and Sharing

Julia Christensen, Christopher Cox, and Lisa Szabo-Jones, editors $14.99 $4.99

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Activating the Heart is an exploration of storytelling as a tool for knowledge production and sharing to build new connections between people and their histories, environments, and cultural geographies. Three sections include Storytelling to Understand, Storytelling to Share, and Storytelling to Create. (can these links to ‘Download Educator’s Guide’) Download Educator’s Guide here.


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Secret Feminist Agenda

Every episode Dr. Hannah McGregor talks to a feminist about their nefarious and insurgent plans for overthrowing the patriarchy. So tell us: what’s your secret feminist agenda?

For a deeper dive into the scholarship supporting this podcast, we invite you to read the open peer reviews of Secret Feminist Agenda.

Free Audiobook

Critical Condition: Replacing Critical Thinking with Creativity

Patrick Finn

Should we stop teaching critical thinking? Meant as a prompt to further discussion, Critical Condition questions the assumption that every student should be turned into a “critical thinker.” Rather than arguing that we abandon critical inquiry, the author suggests that we emphasize a more open, loving system of engagement that is not only less inherently violent but also more robust when dealing with vastly more complex networks of information.

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Support Your Local Bookstore!

Many bookstores have had to close their doors for now, but are still busy behind the scenes taking your orders and doing contact-free pickup and delivery. If you are lucky to have an independent bookstore near you, give them a call to see what they are offering. We are hearing of a number of locations that are donating to charities, such as their local food bank, with every order – a generous offer at any time, but especially when their revenue is so reduced. You can also help them through this challenging time by buying a gift certificate to use when the store reopens.