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Comparative Ethics

Series Published (until 2015) for the Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion/Corporation Canadienne des Sciences Religieuses. This series published original monographs that deal with ethics broadly defined.

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Muslim Ethics and Modernity

A study of modern Muslim ethics, focussed upon the lives and writings of Sayyid Ahmad Khan and Mawlana Mawdudi, this monograph  sheds light upon the modern ethical problems of contemporary Islam. Sayyid ...

Weaving Relationships

Weaving Relationships tells the remarkable, little-known story of a movement that transcends barriers of geography, language, culture, and economic disparity.

The story begins in the early 1980s, when ...

Doing Ethics in a Pluralistic World

Doing Ethics in a Pluralistic World is an apt title for this collection of essays in honour of Roger C. Hutchinson who, over many decades, has encouraged and participated in shaping a Canadian contextual ...

Towards an Ethics of Community

Edited by James Olthuis
Subjects: Philosophy, Ethics
Series: Comparative Ethics

How do we deal with difference personally, interpersonally, nationally? Can we weave a cohesive social fabric in a religiously plural society without suppressing differences?

This collection of significant ...

In Good Faith

In retrospect it is difficult to accept that Western democracies have implicitly supported, or at least tolerated, the legalized system of white supremacy in South Africa known as apartheid. Renate Pratt’s ...

Prophets, Pastors and Public Choices

The Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline debate included many actors. This is the first in-depth study in comparative religious ethics to examine the debate with a particular focus on the role of the ...

Methodist Education in Peru

With research based on extensive primary sources, the author examines the activities of the Methodist mission in Peru, in particular its educational work, within the Peruvian socioeconomic formation and ...