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The Concept of Equity in Calvin’s Ethics

Ever since Calvin wrote his Institutes of the Christian Religion, admonishing the reader that “it would not be difficult for him to determine what he ought especially to seek in Scriptures, and to ...

Memory and Hope

Edited by David T. Priestley
Subjects: Religion, History
Series: Editions SR

How are Baptists distinctive as a Christian denomination? Canadian Baptists, confronted with the question of discovering a common identity from the welter of strands of influence that make up their heritage, ...

Mysticism and Vocation

We tend to think that a person who is both reasonable and moral can have a good life. What constitutes a life that is not only good but superlative, or even “marvellous” or “holy”? Those who have ...

The Promise of Critical Theology

Edited by Marc P. Lalonde
Subjects: Religion
Series: Editions SR

Written in tribute to one of the foremost Catholic theologians in the English-speaking world, the essays in The Promise of Critical Theology address the question: Can critical theology secure its critical ...

The Five Aggregates

By Mathieu Boisvert
Subjects: Religion
Series: Editions SR

If Buddhism denies a permanent self, how does it perceive identity? According to Buddhist texts, the entire universe, including the individual, is made up of different phenomena, which Buddhism classifies ...

Love and the Soul

This book provides serious students of psychology, religion and mythology with a detailed account and analysis of what has been accomplished in the psychological interpretation of the Eros and Psyche ...

Sharing without Reckoning

Sharing without Reckoning is the first full-scale treatment of the ancient and persistent distinction between “perfect” and “imperfect” rights and duties. It examines the use of the distinction ...

Religion in History / La religion dans l’histoire

The history of the concept of “religion” in Western tradition has intrigued scholars for years. This important collection of eighteen essays brings further light to the ongoing debate. Three of the ...

The Huguenots and French Opinion, 1685-1787

By Geoffrey Adams
Subjects: History, Religion
Series: Editions SR

The decision of Louis XIV to revoke the Edict of Nantes and thus liquidate French Calvinism was well received in the intellectual community which was deeply prejudiced against the Huguenots. This antipathy ...

Competition in Religious Life

By Jay Newman
Subjects: Religion
Series: Editions SR

In his latest work on the social consequences of religious commitment, Jay Newman reveals in clear and concise fashion the extent to which competitiveness is an essential feature of religious life. His ...