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The Call of Conscience

Initially, when the government in Paris responded with force to the November 1, 1954 insurrection of Algerian nationalists, French public opinion offered all but unanimous support. Then it was revealed ...

The Costa Rican Catholic Church, Social Justice, and the Rights of Workers, 1979-1996

Provides a new understanding of the relationship between Church and State in 20th-century Costa Rica.
Understanding the relationship between religion and social justice in Costa Rica involves piecing ...

Hindu Iconoclasts

By Noel Salmond
Subjects: Religion, History
Series: Editions SR

Why, Salmond asks, would nineteenth-century Hindus who come from an iconic religious tradition voice a kind of invective one might expect from Hebrew prophets, Muslim iconoclasts, or Calvinists?
Rammohun ...

The Biblical Politics of John Locke

John Locke is often thought of as one of the founders of the Enlightenment, a movement that sought to do away with the Bible and religion and replace them with scientific realism. But Locke was extremely ...

Edward Schillebeeckx and Hans Frei

What is “theological method”? Can there be more than one method? If so, how do you choose between them? How does method relate to experience?
Would experience affect your choice of method and method ...

Radical Difference

By Tim S. Perry
Subjects: Religion
Series: Editions SR

It is commonly assumed that all religions are essentially alike, that they are all common members of the genus Religion. But what if religions are not fundamentally similar after all? What if, on the ...

The Religious Dreamworld of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses

By James Gollnick
Subjects: Religion
Series: Editions SR

Apuleius’ Metamorphoses is probably best known as the literary source for the myth of Eros and Psyche and as a primary source of information about mystery religions in the ancient world.
There is another ...

God and the Chip

Our ancestors saw the material world as alive, and they often personified nature. Today we claim to be realists. But in reality we are not paying attention to the symbols and myths hidden in technology. ...

Faith and Fiction

Is it possible to write an artistically respectable and theoretically convincing religious novel in a non-religious age?
Up to now, there has been no substantial application of theological criticism ...

Clinical Pastoral Supervision and the Theology of Charles Gerkin

In the last twenty years, the number of texts written on clinical pastoral supervision has accelerated. Thomas St. James O’Connor analyzes these texts, nearly 300 of them, in light of three fundamental ...