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The Invisible French

Since the Second World War, Toronto's image as a rather staid, predominantly British community, has been transformed through massive immigration into what has been aptly described as a "salad bowl" of ...

La Langue de Ya’udi

C'est avec des commentaire élogiquex de plusieurs critiques que La langue de Ya'udi du Professeur Dion a été remis à cette Corporation pour être publié. Ces seuls jugements favorables justifient ...

A History of Kitchener, Ontario

William V. Uttley's outline of Kitchener's growth from the 1840's into 20th century [is] shot through with a reassuring consistency and integration of purpose . ... The complex of life as we still know ...

The Correspondence of Iu Samarin and Baroness Rahden

Iuri Samarin and Baroness Rahden were intelligent and cultured people who moved easily in nineteenth-century Russian and European society and whose comments on leading personalities, religious, political, ...

Luther and the Radicals

By Harry Loewen
Subjects: Religion, History

Luther and the Radicals, written by a Mennonite scholar, seeks to understand the reasons for the clash between Luther and the Anabaptist radical religious reformists.

In their zeal to tell the true story ...