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By (artist) Leanna Marshall
Foreword by Suzanne Luke
Contributions by Vera Wabegijig & Susan Neylan
Subjects: Art, Indigenous Studies

Zaagi'idiwin: Silent, Unquestionable Act of Love, creates an intersection where viewers meet to understand and explore the essence of relationships, the meaning of connection/disconnection, and the pain ...

'Membering Austin Clarke

'Membering Austin Clarke reflects on the life and writing of Austin Clarke, whose depictions of Black life in Canada enlarged our understanding of what Canadian literature looks like.

Despite being one ...

“I Want to Join Your Club”

“I am a girl, 13 years old, and a proper broncho buster. I can cook and do housework, but I just love to ride. ”

In letters written to the children’s pages of newspapers, we hear the clear and authentic ...

“Race,” Rights and the Law in the Supreme Court of Canada

Four cases in which the legal issue was “race” — that of a Chinese restaurant owner who was fined for employing a white woman; a black man who was refused service in a bar; a Jew who wanted to buy ...


163256: A Memoir of Resistance is Michael Englishman’s astonishing story of courage, resourcefulness, and moral fibre as a Dutch Jew during World War II and its aftermath, from the Nazi occupation of ...

“His Dominion” and the “Yellow Peril”

A history of Chinese immigrants encounter with Canadian Protestant missionaries, “His Dominion” and the “Yellow Peril”: Protestant Missions to Chinese Immigrants in Canada, 1859-1967, analyzes ...


For Canadians, the War of 1812 has held various meanings at different times. In the immediate aftermath, alongside the “Loyalist” narrative of fleeing from the defeat of the British at the hands of ...


The year 1930 can be seen as the dawn of a period of darkness, the beginning of a decade that Auden would style “low, dishonest. ” That year was one of the most reflective moments in modernity. After ...

Meet the Educator Guides

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A Possible Trust

By Ronna Bloom
Edited by Phil Hall
Series: Laurier Poetry

With compassion, humour and sharp-eyed irreverence, Ronna Bloom's work has made a significant impact on Canadian poetry. A Possible Trust is selected from her work to date.

Bloom writes concisely of the ...