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Mystics and Scholars

The Calgary Conference on Mysticism 1976

By Terence Penelhum
Edited by Harold Coward
Subjects Religion, Indigenous Studies, Spirituality
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Paperback : 9780919812048, 118 pages, March 1977
Ebook (PDF) : 9780889208520, 118 pages, January 2006


In September of 1976 a group of some fifty scholars and practising mystics gathered at the University of Calgary. The chief objective of the Conference was to ponder and assess the nature of mysticism in its Eastern, Western and North American Indian forms. The method the Conference followed was somewhat unusual in that it aimed at a dialogue between the practising mystics and the scholars.
What this book presents to the reader is not the outcome of the dialogue, but the personal statements and papers from which the dialogue began. Of course there is a degree to which the dialogue is already present, in that the papers of the scholars were written with the statements of the mystics in hand. Among some of the philosophers present, a set of more formal comments on each others presentations was recorded and these have been included.