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On Active Grounds

Agency and Time in the Environmental Humanities

Edited by Mario Trono & Robert Boschman
Subjects Film & Media, Cultural Studies, Indigenous Studies, Environmental Studies
Series Environmental Humanities Hide Details
Paperback : 9781771123396, 378 pages, April 2019
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781771123419, 378 pages, April 2019
Ebook (PDF) : 9781771123402, 296 pages, April 2019

Table of contents

Table of Contents
List of Images
Introduction: Ecocritical
Agency in Time | Mario Trono and Robert Boschman
 I. Eco-Temporal Literacies
1 “The clock’s wound up”: Critical Reading Practices in the Time of Social Acceleration and Ecological Collapse | Paul Huebener
2 A
Better Distribution Deal: Ecocinematic Viewing and Montagist Reply | Mario Trono
3 Allô, ici la terre: Agency in Ecological Music Composition, Performance, and Listening | Sabine Feisst
4 The Environmental Vampire: Terror, Time, and Territory after 9/11 | Robert Boschman
 II. Timelines and Indigeneity
5 "We are key players...": Creating Indigenous Engagement and Community Control at Blackfoot Heritage Sites in Time | Geneviève Susemihl
6 Mapping the Mining Legacy of Navajo Nation | Lea Rekow
Photo Essay
Agency and Time on Active Grounds: A Memoir of Bruno Latour and Gaïa Global Circus | Robert Boschman
 III. Animal Agents and Human-Nonhuman
7 The Gaze of Predators, Fleshly Worlds, and the Redefinition of the Human | Karla Armbruster
8 Anim-oils: Wild Animals in Petro-Cultural Landscapes | Pamela Banting
9 Reacting to Wolves: The Historical Construction of Identity and Value | Morgan Zedalis and Sean Gould
 IV. Systems Change in Time 
10 Declarations of Interdependence: Unexpected Human-Animal Conflict and Bhutanese Nonlinear Policy |  Randy Schroeder and Kent Schroeder
11 Effective Environmental Action in Canada: The German Energiewende as a Model of Public Agency | Mishka Lysack
12 Culture as Vector: (Re)Locating Agency in Social-Ecological Systems Change | Nancy Doubleday
Karla Armbruster, Webster University, Louis, MO
Pamela Banting, University of Calgary, AB
Robert Boschman, Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB
Nancy C. Doubleday, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
Sabine Feisst, Arizona State University
Sean Gould, Idaho
Paul Huebener, Athabasca University, AB
Mishka Lysack, University of Calgary, AB
Lea Rekow, Green My Favela, Rio de Janeiro
Kent Schroeder, Humber College, Toronto, ON
Randy Schroeder, Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB
Geneviève Susemihl, University of Kiel, Germany
Mario Trono, Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB
Morgan Zedalis, McCall, Idaho


On Active Grounds considers the themes of agency and time through the burgeoning, interdisciplinary field of the environmental humanities. Fourteen essays and a photo album cover topics such as environmental practices and history, temporal literacy, graphic novels, ecocinema, ecomusicology, animal studies, Indigeneity, wolf reintroduction, environmental history, green conservatism, and social-ecological systems change. The book also speaks to the growing concern regarding environmental issues in the aftermath of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) and the election of Donald Trump in the United States. This collection is organized as a written and visual appeal to issues such as time (how much is left?) and agency (who is active? what can be done? what does and does not work?). It describes problems and suggests solutions. On Active Grounds is unique in its explicit and twinned emphasis on time and agency in the context of the Environmental Humanities and a requisite interdisciplinarity.