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The Firm and the Formless

This volume is woven around the idea that wholeness (the firm) and fragmentation (risking formlessness) alternate in human affairs. This theme is applied to the history and the present condition of Australian ...

Political Theology in the Canadian Context

Edited by Benjamin G. Smillie
Subjects: Religion
Series: SR Supplements

This collection focusses on the proposition "that theology is at its best when it is political, and politics is saved from a secular ideology when it listens to a theological critique. " The editor draws ...

The Conception of Punishment in Early Indian Literature

By Terence Day
Subjects: Religion
Series: Editions SR

Early textual source of the vast body of Dharmasastra literature of India on religion, law, and morality contain numerous statements that present or imply an undefined conception of punishment. Yet nowhere ...

A Study in Anti-Gnostic Polemics

Gnostic beliefs presented themselves as a major challenge to Irenaeus of Lyons (Against Heresies, ca. A. D. 180), Hippolytus of Rome (the presumed author of the Elenchos Against All Heresies, post-A. ...

The European Emblem

By Peter Daly
Subjects: Art, Religion

Emblems—pictorial designs with accompanying mottoes and epigrams— helped to shape virtually every form of verbal and visual communication in the West during the sixteenth and seventh centuries. A ...

Native Religious Traditions

An edited version of the proceedings of the Symposium of Elders and Scholars held at the University of Alberta, September 1977, including seminars with the elders of various Native peoples and papers ...

Vladimir Solov’ev and the Knighthood of the Divine Sophia

At the turn of the century an intimate alliance of philosophers, poets and theologians discovered the incarnation of their aspirations for a spiritually transformed world in the symbol of Sophia, the ...

Mystics and Scholars

In September of 1976 a group of some fifty scholars and practising mystics gathered at the University of Calgary. The chief objective of the Conference was to ponder and assess the nature of mysticism ...

La Langue de Ya’udi

C'est avec des commentaire élogiquex de plusieurs critiques que La langue de Ya'udi du Professeur Dion a été remis à cette Corporation pour être publié. Ces seuls jugements favorables justifient ...