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Cultural Studies

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The Politics of Enchantment

What do "raves" have to do with eighteenth-century Romanticism, or the latest communication technologies with historical ideas about language, media, and culture?
Today’s culture dazzles us with technological ...

NFB Kids

Imagine a society that exists solely in cinema — this book explores exactly that.
Using a half-century of films from the archival collection of the National Film Board, NFB Kids: Portrayals of Children ...

EcCentric Visions

What this book represents is, quite literally, a “slice” of (white) Australian life. By noting the patterns and parallels that emerge in a random sampling of social phenomena of widely varying types, ...

Religion and Ethnicity

The essays in this volume deal with the relationship between living religious traditions in Canada and the fabric of Canadian society. Canada is a pluralistic society, ethnically and religiously. How ...