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Episode 1.12: Embracing “Good Enough” With Cynara Geissler Part Two!

Content warning for depression and suicide.

HEY GUESS WHAT there was still so much good stuff leftover from last week’s conversation with the very brilliant Cynara Geissler that I just went ahead and made it a two-parter. In this episode we ask what it would mean to embrace “good enough” and to learn to be much more tender with ourselves. I also spend a whole bunch of time talking about de-stigmatizing mental health issues in professional and academic settings and, I’m not gonna lie, it gets pretty real. You know what else is real? These really good links I’m giving you:


Theme song is “Mesh Shirt” by Mom Jeans off their album “Chub Rub.” Listen to the whole album here or learn more about them here.

Cynara’s theme song is “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore.