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Episode 2.9: Knowing Your Limits

Gosh, first failure and now limits, I’m just a barrel of fucking laughs, aren’t I? Anyway, this week I’m talking/thinking (talk-thinking) (thalking?) about both feeling out my personal limits — in terms of energy, emotional labour, etc. — and feeling out my limits in relation to others, especially where my whiteness leads me to believe that I can know and contain all the world’s truths. I obviously didn’t arrive at any of this thinking alone, so let me cite my sources:

  • First off, shout out Vancouver’s Growing Room festival for working to build important space for feminist conversations.
  • I cite the brilliance of Ijeoma Oluo, so I’m also going to tell you go to buy her book about race, which I’m halfway through and which is required reading for any white ladies out there who’d like to be less shit at talking about race, or to women of colour who want resources for talking to your white friends who are shit at talking about race.
  • Third, my thinking about limits specifically came from Gwen Benaway’s contributions to a panel at this festival. You can start with Gwen’s answers to the Proust Questionnaire and then once you’re in love you can order her poetry here or here.
  • Oh, and I also read from this thread by Nicole Cliffe about her friendship with Daniel Ortberg. So while you’re at it why don’t you read this stunning interview he gave about coming out as trans? Oh, and his new book. So many great books! We are truly blessed!


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